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Service Desk Integration

Normalized Integration Management Service Management (NIM SM) integration enables you to integrate CA Identity Manager with a number of service desk products through a single normalized RESTful API. NIM provides a fully embedded web service that exposes this RESTful API and internally translates all requests into native service desk format based on a set of configurable mappings.

By using Policy Xpress and its web services actions you can automatically create service desk tickets based on Task and Event state within CA Identity Manager.

For a full list of supported service desk products, see the Product Support Matrix.

The following examples demonstrate use cases for service desk integration.

Sample Use Case: Unavailable Endpoint Ticket

You can create a Policy Xpress policy that executes based on a Task or Event failure, for example, when CA Identity Manager is unable to connect to an endpoint. This Policy Xpress policy is then able to invoke the NIM RESTful API and create a service desk ticket. The ticket contains sufficient details of the failure, including error messages, to enable investigation and resolution of the failure, the workflow is tracked by the service desk ticket.

Sample Use Case: Manual Provisioning Request Ticket

The Services functionality can be used to implement a Manual Provisioning Request to allow accounts to be manually provisioned and de-provisioned on systems that are not managed by CA Identity Manager. You can configure a Service with Fulfillment and Defulfillment actions that create a service desk ticket through the NIM RESTful API. A user is then able to request access to these systems and have the request assigned, tracked, and fulfilled in the form of a service desk ticket.

Note: Currently NIM SM supports only a single service desk connection configured per instance, with one instance per server.

This section contains the following topics:

Import Role Definitions for Service Desk Integration

Configure Service Desk Integration

Customize Service Desk Field Mappings

Service Desk Integration REST API Doc

NIM SM Web Service Details

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