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Provisioning Role Scores

When CA Identity Manager displays suggested provisioning roles based on 'Matched Attributes' criteria, it may display the weighted score of each role, which indicates how well the suggested role meets the specified criteria. Higher scores indicate a better attribute match for the user receiving the provisioning roles.

Suggested role scores range from 1 to 100 percent, with 100 indicating the best match. CA Identity Governance generates the scores when it evaluates the criteria for suggested roles.

You can configure the score threshold that defines the cutoff for provisioning roles displayed. For example, you can specify that only suggested roles with a score of 90 or above are displayed.

A configuration option, which is available when you set global defaults, determines the display of the score column.

Note: CA Identity Governance assigns default weights to all CA Identity Manager attributes. You can view these defaults under the Audit Properties screen in the CA Identity Governance Portal. You can assign higher or lower weights to certain attributes so that the Matched Attributes scores reflect the attributes that matter in your organization when searching for suggested roles. For more information about Audit Properties, see the CA Identity Governance Configuration Guide.