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Add Suggested Roles to Users During a Bulk Loader Task

If you integrate CA Identity Manager with CA Identity Governance and have enabled Smart Provisioning in your CA Identity Manager Environment, you can configure the Bulk Loader task to retrieve and automatically add CA Identity Governance suggested roles to a user when it is run. For each user that is created or modified using the Bulk Loader, role assignments are suggested and compliance analytics are run. If the roles suggested are in compliance, the roles are assigned to the user.

When the Bulk Loader task completes, CA Identity Manager creates a Bulk Loader Notification for all certification managers. This notification appears under the Home tab and contains details on the Bulk Loader task. You can review the roles added to each user, or review any compliance violations that occurred. To resolve a compliance violation for a user, you can modify that user directly from the notification screen.

If the CA Identity Governance server is down when the Bulk Loader task runs, the users are created and modified, but no roles are assigned and no compliance checks are done.

To configure suggested roles for the Bulk Loader task, edit the following global Smart Provisioning settings: