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Create an Account Template

To simplify account management, you create and maintain accounts using account templates, which are used in provisioning roles. A provisioning role contains one or more account templates. When you apply that role to a user, the user receives the accounts as defined by the templates.

These templates provide the basis for accounts on a specific endpoint type.

Using account templates, you can:

A default account template for each endpoint type is installed with the CA Identity Manager server. In a provisioning role, you can use the default account template or you can create your own account templates for any endpoint that you have configured.

To create an account template

  1. Navigate to Endpoints, which may be listed under tasks, and click Account Templates, Create Account Template.
  2. Select an endpoint type for the template.
  3. Define Endpoint Name as the system name of the endpoint or localhost if that applies.
  4. Select an endpoint to use on the Endpoints tab.
  5. Complete the fields in the tabs or use the default values.

    Each endpoint type has a different set of tabs. Click Help for field definitions.

  6. Click Submit.

Note: If more than one endpoint is specified while searching for endpoint objects in the Account Template, the common subset (intersection) of the related objects is returned. An example is an Active Directory group that exists on each of the selected endpoints that are associated with the Account Template. When the search results show attributes other than the object name, it shows the attribute values of the objects that are associated with the first endpoint. An example is the description attribute for the language object in a PeopleSoft connector.