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Endpoint Capability Search

Use this screen to search for objects on your endpoint, account, or account template.

Where to Find Documentation for Connectors

CA Technologies documents how to set up and use each connector, and also how to fill in the relevant fields in endpoint-specific screens.

Connectors Guide and online help

Until recently, each endpoint type was documented with a section in the Connectors Guide and a section in the online help. The Connectors Guide is available in the product bookshelf, and the online help comes with the User Console.

Endpoint Guide and attribute list

CA Technologies now documents each new connector with an Endpoint Guide and an attribute list. An attribute list is an HTML page that describes every setting that is required for configuring a connector.

The Endpoint Guides and attribute lists are available on the Download page for Endpoint Guides for CA Identity Manager. To access this page, log in with your CA Support credentials.

The documentation for any new connectors appears on this download page when the connector is released. A connector can be released at any time between releases of CA Identity Manager.

You can read the documentation, and then download the new connector from CA Support and use it with your current version of CA Identity Manager. The new connector causes new pages to appear in the User Console. However, the Help links for these new pages will not work until the connector is included in the next release of CA Identity Manager.