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View Submitted Tasks

CA Identity Manager includes a View Submitted Tasks feature that provides information about tasks in a CA Identity Manager environment. You can use this feature to search for and view high-level details about actions that CA Identity Manager performs. Detail screens provide additional information about each task and event.

Depending on the status of the task, you can use View Submitted Tasks to abort or resubmit a task.

View Submitted Tasks allows you to track the processing of a task from beginning to end. For example, if a CA Identity Manager task includes provisioning role assignment, and that assignment triggers the creation of accounts in other systems, The View Submitted Tasks tab displays all of the details of the original task and the details of the account creations.

View Submitted Tasks includes details of operations performed in the system. These operations could be the result of a CA Identity Manager event, such as EnableUserEvent. The notifications sent by the system are grouped under this event. View Submitted Tasks displays a message indicating the notifications are In Progress until the End Detail notification is sent. Then, the message changes to Completed.

By default, CA Identity Manager includes the View Submitted Tasks tab in two tasks: