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Workflow Overview

The CA Identity Manager workflow feature allows a CA Identity Manager task to be controlled by a workflow process. A workflow process is one or more steps that must be performed before CA Identity Manager can complete a task that is under workflow control. A job is a runtime instance of a workflow process.

WorkPoint Designer is software from Workpoint LLC, a subsidiary of Planet Group, Inc., that is integrated with CA Identity Manager. WorkPoint Designer lets you manage workflow processes and workflow jobs.

A workflow process consists of one or more steps, called activities, that must be performed in order to accomplish some business task, such as creating or modifying an employee user account. Typically, a workflow process includes one or more manual activities which require an authorized user, or participant, to approve or reject the task.

A participant is a person who is authorized to perform a workflow activity. In CA Identity Manager, participants are also called approvers, since they must approve or reject the task under workflow control. A participant resolver is a rule or set of criteria for determining who the participants are.

The individual manual activities in a workflow are called work items in CA Identity Manager.

A work list is a workflow-generated list of approval tasks, or work items, that appears in the User Console of the participant authorized to approve the task.