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How to Use the WorkPoint Method

The WorkPoint method applied to CA Identity Manager releases prior to r12. There are 14 predefined WorkPoint workflow processes that by default are mapped to specific CA Identity Manager events. You must use WorkPoint Designer to configure participant resolvers and otherwise modify workflow processes.

The WorkPoint method also requires you to use the Management Console to map a workflow process to an approval event to place the corresponding task under workflow control at a global level within the environment.

This section lists the high-level steps involved with placing admin tasks under workflow control using the WorkPoint method.

Note: For greater flexibility and ease of use, CA recommends that you use the template method whenever possible.

To use the WorkPoint method

  1. Configure Workpoint Administrative Tools.
  2. In the Management Console:
    1. Ensure workflow is enabled for your environment by selecting the Enabled check box in Advanced Settings, Workflow.

      Note: The Event Mappings on this screen apply only if you use the WorkPoint method to configure workflow. If you use the template method (recommended), do not map events to processes using this Management Console.

    2. (Optional) For global event mapping, associate one or more events to the appropriate predefined workflow process.
    3. If necessary, restart the CA Identity Manager environment.
  3. In the User Console:
    1. For task-specific event mapping, associate one or more events to the appropriate predefined workflow process. (optional)
  4. In WorkPoint Designer:
    1. Associate an approval task with a workflow process (optional).
    2. Configure participant resolvers with a workflow process (optional).
  5. In the User Console:
    1. After workflow control is configured, the user with the appropriate role performs the admin task.
    2. The designated workflow participant approves or rejects the event.

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