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Event-Level Workflow

An event can be mapped to a workflow process. When an event that is mapped to a workflow process is triggered, the workflow process begins. The task that triggered the event is placed in a pending state and is considered under workflow control.

A workflow process may require a participant to approve or reject an event or task before the process can be complete. A task that requires manual workflow approval by a participant takes longer to complete than a task not under workflow control.

After all activities in a workflow process have been carried out, the event mapped to the workflow process is released from workflow control. When all events triggered by a given task are released from workflow control, the workflow-controlled task is complete.

While the task is under workflow control, the contents of the task screens are saved in the task persistence database. The workflow job state (workflow-relevant data) is stored in the WorkPoint database.

Note: The Events tab lists the events that are generated by each tab in a task. After adding a new tab to a task, you must submit and then reopen the task using Modify Admin Task before the new events are displayed on the Events tab.