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Event Details

Event details include a summary of the event that includes the following:

Besides the event summary, CA Identity Manager provides a detailed description of the event history and event attributes.

Event History

Displays a status history of the actions that were performed during execution of the current event.

Related Tasks

Displays information about changes that occur on endpoints as a result of actions initiated from the CA Identity Manager User Console.  For example, when an administrator assigns a provisioning role to a user in the User Console, the Related Tasks field displays information about which accounts were created successfully, and about any errors or failures that may have occurred.

Attributes Changed

Displays the objects and their attributes that are affected when CA Identity Manager performs the current event.

Event Workflow Job View

Displays the details of the event workflow. Specifies the process name, job ID number, and status of the event.

Note: Based on the event status, you can cancel an event. For more information on event status and the actions you can perform on events, see Description of Event Status.