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Configure a Mobile App

System administrators configure the CA Identity Manager mobile app in the User Console.

An environment can include multiple mobile app configurations. Creating different configurations allows you to support different branding or functionality for different types of mobile users. For example, you can create one configuration for employee password changes, and another configuration for managers to approve work items.

Administrators can configure the following properties for the mobile app:

Follow these steps:

  1. Log into the User Console as a user who can use the mobile configuration tasks.
  2. Click Tasks, System, Mobile Configuration, Create Mobile Configuration.
  3. Accept the default option, Create a new object of type Mobile Configuration.
  4. On the General tab, complete the required fields. You can specify an image for the mobile app.
    Base URL

    Verify the base URL of the current environment. The base URL is automatically populated when you create a mobile configuration.

    CA Identity Manager uses the base URL to retrieve the server name, port and protocol, which the mobile app uses to construct the URL for the REST calls.


    Browse for a configuration or enter a unique configuration name.


    Increase the version number every time you modify and save a configuration.

    The mobile app uses the version number to determine when to download a new version of the configuration. When the mobile app starts up, it compares the version number from the server with the version of the loaded configuration. If a new version is available, the mobile app updates the configuration.

    Note: Do not increment the version number when you initially modify the file.

    Branding Image

    Specify the full URL of a PNG image, with a suggested size of 222 by 222 pixels. The image appears in the splash screen, the password management screen, and at the top of the screen in the mobile app.

  5. On the Features tab, select the features for the mobile app.
    Password Reset Behavior

    Select the method to use for the behavior, which is determined when you configure required attributes:

    • Default
    • PIN Challenge
    • QnA Challenge

    Note: If you select QnA Challenge, you must go to Tasks, Environment Administrator, and then select 'Question and Answer Configuration'. Make sure to check the Enable box, enter the number of authentication questions (1 through 5), and then click Submit. You must click the Submit button for the configuration settings to take effect, even if you make no changes to the default settings.

  6. On the Support tab, specify support information for mobile users.
  7. On the Attribute Mapping tab, map mobile app attributes to attributes in the CA Identity Manager user store. You can map attributes to physical attributes or well-known attributes.
  8. On the Additional Properties tab, specify additional property value pairs to support new functionality or fields in the mobile app.

    Use the following format:




    Note: CA Technologies will provide instructions when administrators need to add additional properties. In this release, you do not need to specify any additional properties.

  9. On the Members tab, specify rules that determine the set of users who see this configuration on their mobile app.
  10. Click Submit.