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Specify Participants for Certify User Tasks

Certify User tasks generate the event CertifyRoleEvent. This event can be subject to workflow approval through the predefined process CertifyRoleApproveProcess.

CA Identity Manager also includes the predefined participant resolver CertifyRoleParticipantResolver, which appears in your environment by default. Participants for activities in a CertifyRoleApprovalProcess are specified through CertifyRoleParticipantResolver.

To provide participant configuration information

  1. Open the Management Console by entering the following URL in a browser:

    Defines the fully qualified domain name of the server where CA Identity Manager is installed. For example,

  2. Click Environments, and select the name of the appropriate CA Identity Manager environment.
  3. Click Advanced Settings and then click Miscellaneous.
  4. Define name/value pairs that specify the approvers for each role to be certified:

In the following example, user certification can be approved for the following roles and by the following participants:



admin.User Manager


admin.System Manager


access.My Access Role


Note: Any unspecified roles will not have approvers for a CertifyRoleEvent.