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Configure WorkPoint Administrative Tools on WebSphere

To configure the WorkPoint Administrative Tools on WebSphere, edit the init.bat/sh and the files.

Edit init.bat/

To edit init.bat/

  1. In a text editor, edit one of the following files:
  2. Uncomment the IBM WebSphere section.

    Note: Do not comment the WP_CLASSPATH entry in the COMMON WP_CLASSPATH section.

  3. Be sure that all sections for other application servers are commented.
  4. If necessary, replace the values for JAVA_HOME and WAS_HOME with the appropriate paths for your environment.

Edit the file based on the type of application server you selected during the CA Identity Manager installation.

To configure the file

  1. Open admin_tools\Workpoint\conf\ in a text editor.

    admin_tools is the installed location of the Administrative tools. The Administrative Tools are placed in the following default locations:

  2. Locate the section titled IBM WEBSPHERE SETTINGS.
  3. Uncomment all of the property values in that section.

    For example:

    Note: The bootstrap port number must match the port number specified in the WebSphere Administrative Console. To locate the correct port number, go to Server, Endpoints, Bootstrap server address.

  4. Update BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS port for the WebSphere profile as follows:
    1. In the WebSphere Administrative Console, navigate to Application Servers, server_name, Communications.
    2. Expand Ports.
    3. Edit the file under iam_im.ear/config.
    4. Change the default port 2809 in the WebSphere section to the profile’s port for the BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS.
  5. Save the file.