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Configure WorkPoint Administrative Tools

WorkPoint Designer is software from Workpoint LLC, a subsidiary of Planet Group, Inc., that is integrated with CA Identity Manager. WorkPoint Designer lets you manage workflow processes and workflow jobs. WorkPoint Administrative Tools include WorkPoint Designer and WorkPoint Archive. In order to configure WorkPoint Administrative Tools, install the CA Identity Manager Administrative Tools. If you have not installed the CA Identity Manager Administrative Tools, you can run the installer and select the CA Identity Manager Administrative Tools option.

Note: To use the Administrative Tools for workflow, a supported JDK must be installed on the system where the Administrative Tools are installed. For a complete list of supported platforms and versions, see the CA Identity Manager Support Matrix on the CA Identity Manager support site.

The workflow client tools are located in the WorkPoint directory in the CA Identity Manager Administrative tools. The Administrative Tools are placed in the following default locations:

The tools in this directory let you do the following: