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Enabling Work List Search Screen

You can enable the pre-configured search screens to find work items.

  1. In the Management Console, go to in Home, Environments, <environment>, Roles.
  2. Click Import. Import the file worklistsearch.xml from this location:
    <INSTALL_LOCATION>\CA\IdentityManager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\worklistsearch
  3. Click Finish.
  4. Log into the CA Identity Manager environment.
  5. In the User Console, select Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Modify Admin Task.
  6. Search for and select the View My Work List task.
  7. Select the Search tab. Click Browse.

    A list of screen definitions appears.

  8. Click New.

    A list of new screen types appears.

  9. Select Work List Search Screen and click OK.
  10. Enter details to configure the work list search screen and click OK.

    The new search screen is added to the list of screen definitions